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Pampa Bay Review for Dealer Sales Reps: Luxury Serveware

As a sales rep who serves clients in the foodservice and hospitality industry, you’re constantly looking for ways to bring value and operational improvements to your clients. That’s why you should be informed about new luxury serveware available through G.E.T.

Pampa Bay™ luxury serveware offers foodservice and hospitality operators the look of metal, like fine silver or gold, but with the price and functionality of porcelain. Every collection offered by G.E.T. is designed with textured surfaces and sophisticated rims in different styles, adding a touch of refinement and depth to presentations.

Most collections feature titanium-plated porcelain, but a copper-plated aluminum and an aluminum-only collection are also available. 

Operators who serve on Pampa Bay™ platters, plates, and bowls, etc. can achieve high-end presentations for their guests, commanding higher prices, luxury brand perception, and increased market share.

Let’s dive into why Pampa Bay™ is an easy sell for sales reps, and how they can help their foodservice and hospitality clients create beautiful presentations.


Pictured: 4.5 qt. oval copper-plated aluminum bowl, 16 oz. oval copper-plated aluminum bowl, 2.5 qt. oval copper-plated aluminum bowl, 22" x 5" oval copper-plated aluminum tray

Why Pampa Bay™ is an Easy Sell for Sales Reps

You can bring value to your clients’ operations by recommending Pampa Bay™ luxury serveware for a few reasons:

  • A lot of value for the money
  • Easy to care for
  • Elegant presentations upgrade their offerings and brand positioning

A lot of Value for the Money

Pampa Bay™ has the look of fine silver, gold, china, or copper, but because it’s made with either titanium-plated porcelain or aluminum, your clients can achieve the same high-end look at a fraction of the cost.

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Easy to Care For

All of the titanium-coated vessels, which comprise the complete Pampa Bay™ line except for the two aluminum collections, are commercial dishwasher-safe, which greatly supports operational ease. The aluminum items require hand washing.

Additionally, because titanium and aluminum don’t tarnish, there is no polishing required like there is with silverplate pieces. Polish-free care is a value-add feature that will help your clients keep their operations simple while benefiting from the upmarket look offered by Pampa Bay™. This also allows your clients to store away between uses and not have to worry about polishing before their next event.


Further, you can keep Pampa Bay™ in stock because:

  • It won’t tarnish, which means you can ship it to your clients quickly
  • It’s not a huge investment for you
  • You’ll want to keep several samples on hand so you can mockup different styles - from traditional to modern - in your showroom

pampa-bay-white-serveware-titanium-coated-porcelain.jpgPictured: 14" x 3" oblong titanium-plated porcelain cracker tray, 10" diameter titanium-plated porcelain plate

Elegant Presentations

When your clients incorporate Pampa Bay™ into their foodservice or hospitality operations, they reap the benefits of immediately upgrading the overall look of their food presentations or décor.

Even just a few thoughtfully placed pieces of Pampa Bay™ luxury serveware can impact how an entire room, buffet, or lobby is perceived by your clients’ guests. In turn, of course they can enjoy happy guests and repeat business, but they can also benefit from charging just a bit more because of the enriched presentation.

Pampa Bay™ luxury serveware puts you in a great position to easily close the sale while helping your foodservice and hospitality clients positively influence their operations. Let’s take a look at who would benefit the most from this line so you can efficiently target your clients. 

Which Foodservice and Hospitality Clients Can Benefit the Most from Pampa Bay™ Serveware?

Pictured: set of 3 two-tone titanium-plated glass bowls & wood tray


Hospitality represents the broadest group within the foodservice segment that can benefit from Pampa Bay™ serveware because of the myriad services they offer. These collections are a great fit for luxury, fullservice mainstream and boutique hotels, but budget and mid-tier hotels can benefit, too. 

Luxury, fullservice and boutique hotels can support their current brand positions and guest expectations with Pampa Bay™ serveware without having to invest in expensive products. Some of the best use cases are: 

  • Catering for weddings and business meetings
  • Hotel lobbies, meeting rooms, presidential suites, and concierge desks
  • Board rooms

Because the Pampa Bay™ line of luxury serveware is affordable compared to other high-end products, it gives budget and mid-tier hotels an easy and economical way to create elegant breakfast presentations, which are now expected by most guests.

The better the breakfast buffet looks, the higher the online ratings will be for these kinds of hotels. And when online ratings increase, hotels earn more business and can charge higher prices for their rooms.

Using a Pampa Bay™ serving bowl to display fruits or boxes of cereal and oatmeal at a breakfast buffet automatically gives the presentation a nicer look, which improves the guest experience. As some mid-tier hotels offer small conference rooms or meeting space, they may also benefit from a few pieces that will shine as they bring food selections to their guests. 

All hotels work to offer an inviting lobby area to welcome their guests and a few Pampa Bay pieces can be an awesome eye-catching statement. Your clients only need a few pieces to achieve an upgraded look. 

pampa-bay-aluminum-serveware.jpgPictured: 18 qt. hammered aluminum bowl, 14 qt. hammered aluminum bowl, 28" x 11.5" hammered aluminum bowl

College & University, Stadiums with Box Suites, and Business & Industry 

These groups of institutions often host trustees, entertain wealthy or celebrity attendees, or meet with current or potential business partners and clients, respectively. Adding Pampa Bay™ luxury serveware to their meeting rooms and box suites can position those spaces to welcome their more distinguished guests.


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Independent and Corporate Catering Operations

Any of your clients who run catering operations should be aware of Pampa Bay™ luxury serveware. They can use a piece here and there to punch up:

  • Breakout snack time presentations with the oblong cracker tray from the Monaco™ collection, pictured below
  • Bread service for a buffet with a serving bowl from the Millennium™ collection
  • Cocktail snacks like nuts, trail mix, or popcorn with the mini bowls from the Let's Entertain™ collection
  • Charcuterie service with a square plate from the Salerno™ collection

Catering clients can mix and match from a few collections and walk away with plenty of options that fit a range of styles for a number of occasions. 

pampa-bay-titanium-coated-gold-luxury-serveware.jpgPictured: 1.5 qt. titanium-plated porcelain bowl, 14" x 3" oblong titanium-plated porcelain cracker tray

About Pampa Bay™ Luxury Serveware 

Most of the Pampa Bay™ collections offered by G.E.T. are made with titanium-plated porcelain. Also available are:

The luxurious and elegant Pampa Bay™ collections are available in a range of serving platters, trays, plates, and bowls in varying sizes. Several collections feature tastefully beaded rims and wavy, irregular surfaces for added depth.

The titanium-plated porcelain collections come in finishes of:

The copper-plated aluminum collection smartly features copper on the interior of the vessels with a bright nickel-plated exterior. All surfaces in this collection are dimpled with options for either an irregular or smooth rim. Aluminum-only Pampa Bay™ serveware features a lightly dimpled surface with smooth rims.

Each titanium-plated porcelain vessel is food-, freezer-, and oven-safe (up to 350°F), allowing your clients to serve hot food hot and cold food cold. We recommend avoiding serving acidic foods on the aluminum pieces.

Now that you’re in the know about Pampa Bay™ luxury serveware, we hope you delight in helping your foodservice and hospitality clients upgrade their presentations and décor. Be sure to download and share the Pampa Bay™ catalog with your clients and outfit your showroom in a few different styles so they can experience the luxurious look in person.

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