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Guest Author: Carlos Barbagallo

Guest Author: Carlos Barbagallo

Pampa Bay President, Carlos Barbagallo, started his company with the original intent to distribute tableware and serve ware produced in Argentina where he grew up. Argentina is well-known to be the most European of South American countries. Its capital, Buenos Aires, is referred to as the Paris of South America. Argentina is a country with a mixed European culture, mostly Italian and Spanish, and this environment afforded Carlos a unique background in design that is both classic and contemporary, European and American. Throughout his company’s history, Carlos has built a strong product development and global sourcing organization servicing large national retail organizations. Operating for many years as the Barbagallo Company, Carlos decided to take best-selling collections and create the Pampa Bay brand. Sold primarily through independent gift, gourmet and specialty stores, the Pampa Bay line has evolved to include collections with the versatility and durability for the Food Service industry.

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Pampa Bay Review for Dealer Sales Reps: Luxury Serveware

As a sales rep who serves clients in the foodservice and hospitality industry, you’re constantly looking for ways to bring value and operational improvements to your clients. That’s why you should be informed about new luxury serveware available through G.E.T.

Pampa Bay™ luxury serveware offers foodservice and hospitality operators the look of metal, like fine silver or gold, but with the price and functionality of porcelain. Every collection offered by G.E.T. is designed with textured surfaces and sophisticated rims in different styles, adding a touch of refinement and depth to presentations.

Most collections feature titanium-plated porcelain, but a copper-plated aluminum and an aluminum-only collection are also available. 

Operators who serve on Pampa Bay™ platters, plates, and bowls, etc. can achieve high-end presentations for their guests, commanding higher prices, luxury brand perception, and increased market share.

Let’s dive into why Pampa Bay™ is an easy sell for sales reps, and how they can help their foodservice and hospitality clients create beautiful presentations.

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