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Brian Bazinet

Brian Bazinet

Brian Bazinet, G.E.T.'s resident catering expert, comes to us with ten years' experience running a successful multi-million dollar catering company in the highly competitive San Diego market. He supervised and coached a team of 126 employees in a variety of roles that served large-scale events with attendee counts from 35,000-250,000. His storied professional background offers behind-the-scenes knowledge which he leans on to benefit his clients by helping them find relevant solutions to their business needs.

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Inside the Mind of an Independent Caterer: Lessons Learned and Money Made

After working the nightclub scene in Houston for decades, I moved to sunny San Diego to follow my dream of owning a business. I filled my days with running and growing my own catering company.     

By the time I sold it 9 years later, I had learned a lot about what to do, what not to do, and how to save as much time and money as I could because, well, that’s how you run and grow a successful business. Change is always a daily event - embrace it and make it part of your growth plan.

I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that my catering business had healthy margins and happy clients. I pride myself on that. It’s how my business matured into one of the top catering companies in this great city.

Now that I’ve moved on to a new chapter in my life (one that’s a bit easier on the back and knees), I want to share my insight with you, fellow caterer.

I’m sharing because I want your events to be the talk of the town, your companies healthy, and your employees happy and dedicated.

Here’s some Catering 101 tailored from what I’ve learned:     

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How Caterers Can Add 66% to Rental Profits Simply by Switching Plateware

Caterers know every penny counts when it comes to a healthy bottom line. That's why finding smart, easy ways to save money is so attractive. But it's also a challenge. If it was easy, we wouldn't be writing about it and you wouldn't be reading this article. 

Part of your overall profits come from standard plateware rental charges. It's a pretty sweet profit because once your plateware is paid off, which typically only takes about 3-4 services, you're raking in pure profit on a component that you'll use at every event. 

But what if we told you that profit could be increased by 66%? And what if getting that profit increase only required switching plateware materials from china to quality melamine? 

It really is that easy. And because china and quality melamine are comparably priced, you don't have to invest any more in your plateware than you already are. 

The cost savings and resulting profit increase come from the difference in replacement rates between the two materials because china is easily breakable while melamine is naturally break-resistant. In fact:

The catering industry dictates a loss of 2 china plates every service to breakage, chipping, or cracking. Compare that to replacing one melamine plate every 20 services (or 0.05 plates every service) for the same reasons, and now you've got something worth talking about. 

Let's take a peak at a simple, real-life scenario and we'll show you just how easily you can grow your rental charge profits by 66%. 

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Take Your Catering from Speed Rack to Service in Seconds with Melamine Trays

As a professional caterer, you know that speed is the key to success. The faster you can serve, the more parties you can book, the healthier your company gets. That’s why nearly any professional catering service uses speed racks: you tray up your food on aluminum sheet pans, put it on the speed rack, and out the door you go.

However, once you get on-site, it’s fairly typical for operations to slow down because often caterers have to take their food off the sheet pans, re-plate it, and then serve. This step not only slows down your service but you also loose food temperature in the process.

If you opt for melamine serving trays instead of aluminum sheet pans, you set yourself up to bypass this slow part altogether, allowing you to go from speed rack to service in seconds. 

We’ll tell you why.


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