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10 Creative Ways to Serve Pasta

Pasta: a two-syllable word that has thousands of iterations and variations each pulling from various cultural and regional influences. Whether serving a warm, rustic version of grandma’s lasagna in a diner or a classic Italian puttanesca in a high-end establishment, presentation is key. We'll show different pasta plating options that will benefit kitchen and wait staff, and delight guests.

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13 Creative Ways to Serve Wings

Eaters of all ages love wings. They’re fun, messy, and delicious, and there are as many different ways to plate wings as there are flavor options. From casual to rustic, we'll show you a variety of ways to present your wings that will draw your guests into the dining experience. After all, we eat with our eyes, so serving up wings on an engaging plate that best fits your brand is a must.

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10 Creative Salad Plating Ideas

Salad is so much fun because of the endless possibilities. It’s crisp, fresh, healthy, wholesome, delicious, and beautiful. From crunchy nuts and berries that pop, to soft cheese with the perfect taste to complement your flavor profile, we know you’ve spent a lot of time finding just the right recipes for your guests. Now that you’ve created perfect salad offerings, let’s explore how you can turn them into beautiful presentations with the right plating option, setting the tone for your guests’ dining experience. Keep reading for 10 creative salad plating ideas.

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10 Creative Ways to Serve Sushi

Sushi is one of the most elegant foods in Asian cuisine, so much so that it is often considered food art. The artistic food appearance of this dish is just as important as how it tastes, which is why HOW you present it helps entice the eater into engaging in so many of its unique combinations. We put together a few creative options of simple, yet elegant dinnerware that could be a perfect canvas for your sushi art. 

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13 Creative Ways to Serve Entrée: Soup and Sandwich

Just like your menu, atmosphere, and customer service, how you plate your food directly reflects your brand. It is ancillary and sometimes a last-minute serving element of how your restaurant and food should be perceived by your customer. Below we will look at several ways to take the most simple offerings and how you can showcase them in ways to best represent your brand and message.

It may sound obvious, but the time-honored combo lunch is still a go-to for diners. Soup and sandwich combinations are a perfect solution for both the operator and the customer due to a fixed price. The soup & sandwich combo value promotion targets the lunch crowd, small eaters, or retirees.

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17 Creative Ways to Serve Entrée: Burger and Fries

Burgers and fries are an All-American classic that never goes out of style or loses its appeal to the consumer. As burgers continue to get reinvented and revamped, it is important to make sure you are framing your culinary classics and highlighting your offerings in ways that match your vision and brand.

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10 Creative Ways to Serve Appetizers: Appetizer Sampler Platter

The appetizer sampler platter. A must have on any menu. Unfortunately, somehow the mixing of three or more culinary creations leaves a less than visually appealing tabletop presentation. Below are 10 ways to not only highlight your offerings, but delight your guests at the same time. A win-win for everyone!

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10 Creative Ways to Serve Appetizers: Calamari

 When it comes to plating your appetizers, there are numerous ways to achieve a look that will be both delighting to your guests, as well as highlight your offerings. In the past, calamari was an appetizer normally found at upscale seafood restaurants. However, this is no longer the case. From quick casual to fine dining, calamari is a crowd-pleaser. Below you will find several different and creative ways to make this appetizer your own. 

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7 Creative Ways to Serve Appetizers: Chips and Salsa

When it comes to plating your appetizers, there are many different ways to achieve stylish eye-catching looks while delighting your guests and highlighting your most popular finger foods. This is true for the house favorite appetizer, chips and salsa. Your options for serving this staple menu appetizer are as plentiful as the different types of salsa available on the market today. From traditional plastic baskets to utilizing other tabletop solutions, we will show you, in the concepts below, how a small change can make a big difference in your presentation.

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