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Sylvia Korn

Sylvia Korn

Sylvia Korn is G.E.T.’s Customer Service Manager for the East & West Regions of the United States. Her 20+ years of experience in the smallwares industry (13 years with G.E.T. Enterprises) allows her a well-rounded perspective on tabletop products, their use and care. She offers an extensive knowledge and expertise in providing solutions for all areas of customer needs. With her firm belief in customer satisfaction, Sylvia has led the G.E.T. customer service team to be one of the best in the industry.

Recent Posts by Sylvia Korn:

Stained Melamine Dinnerware May Cost You Customers (And How to Avoid It)

To say that profit margins in the foodservice industry are tight is an understatement. Commodities and labor markets can fluctuate wildly, putting ever-increasing pressure on operators to control their costs while increasing profits. 

There's not much anyone can do about market fluctuation. However, looking at cost centers that are within your control, like how tableware is cared for, can help to reduce replacement rates and encourage repeat visits, leading you to better profit margins. 

Not following proper care and maintenance for your melamine dinnerware - or china, for that matter - can lead to staining. But that, too, is well within your control so long as your staff are educated about how to treat this necessary investment. We're going to show you how an educated and well trained labor force is key to avoiding staining and/or removing it, and why doing so can help you earn repeat guests and control costs in an unpredictable world. 

Topics: Commercial Tableware Problems

Melamine Dinnerware and Staining: Reasons, How to Avoid, and Easy Ways to Remove

All dinnerware – china or melamine – can stain if you do not follow proper care and maintenance procedures. In this article, I will discuss why melamine dinnerware stains, how to prevent it, and if you do develop stains, how to easily remove them. You will also find that these tips are suggested for all dinnerware types as the same effect can occur if not taken care of.

Topics: Commercial Tableware Problems