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Dimitra Rizzi

Dimitra Rizzi

Dimitra Rizzi is an accomplished leader in Foodservice Sales and Retail Operations with a successful track record in strategic sales planning and execution, training and development, retail design, systems and processes, and customer marketing. She is both customer and results driven with strong analytical, financial and performance management competencies. Dimitra’s specialties include business and financial, leadership, strategy and execution, Foodservice Operations and menu design.

Recent Posts by Dimitra Rizzi:

What is the Normal Lifespan of a Melamine Plate

Ever get asked a question expecting a definitive answer only to receive an answer of “it depends”? Well, I am about to answer this question with “it depends” and provide you the considerations wrapped up in this answer. So, when trying to determine the lifespan of a melamine plate you must consider the following:

Topics: Commercial Tableware Cost

Cost of Melamine Dinnerware for a Restaurant: How to Price Guide

Looking to purchase melamine dinnerware for your restaurant and wondering how much it may cost you? This article will explain a few factors you should consider before pricing your new melamine dinnerware, the difference between melamine tiers, their price correlation, and the quantities you should consider purchasing for your par levels.

Topics: Commercial Tableware Cost

Average Replacement Cost of Melamine Dinnerware for Restaurants

When it comes to dinnerware, many operators can get caught up in the visual appeal of how plates and bowls look on their table and how they complement their menu items. Now don’t get me wrong, these are key things to consider, but dinnerware replacement costs should also be in that upfront conversation as well (if it’s not already).

In this article, I will discuss the average replacement cost to expect when buying melamine dinnerware for your restaurant, factors that can increase your replacement cost, as well as offer tips that can help extend the life of your melamine dinnerware (which will help lessen your replacement rate and cost).

Topics: Commercial Tableware Cost