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How to Prevent Scratching on Your Melamine Dinnerware

Like all dinnerware options, your melamine dinnerware will be susceptible to normal wear and tear throughout its lifespan, and scratches will be a large part of that wear. Alternately, one of the benefits of melamine as an alternative material for dinnerware is its extreme durability vs. most traditional materials like ceramic and china. In the blog, I would like to share some easy tips you can follow to prevent and minimize scratching so that you can keep your melamine dinnerware looking like new for as long as possible.

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17 Creative Ways to Serve Entrée: Burger and Fries

Burgers and fries are an All-American classic that never goes out of style or loses its appeal to the consumer. As burgers continue to get reinvented and revamped, it is important to make sure you are framing your culinary classics and highlighting your offerings in ways that match your vision and brand.

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Most Durable Dinnerware for Casual or Fast-Casual Restaurant: Disposable vs Melamine vs China

Casual Dining Restaurant

Typically a casual dining concept/restaurant will offer full table service (waiters and waitresses serve 100%) vs. limited table service (partially served/helped by waiter/waitress) and the length of time the customer spends in that restaurant is longer than a fast-casual (order and pick up by customer) concept. All of these options involve inside seating with moderate ranges of food options and quality and therefore, the operator will tend to lean towards a more reusable option vs. a disposable option because their guests are expecting more of an upgraded/home like presentation.

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10 Creative Ways to Serve Appetizers: Appetizer Sampler Platter

The appetizer sampler platter. A must have on any menu. Unfortunately, somehow the mixing of three or more culinary creations leaves a less than visually appealing tabletop presentation. Below are 10 ways to not only highlight your offerings, but delight your guests at the same time. A win-win for everyone!

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Replacement Rate for Commercial Dinnerware: China vs. Melamine

When considering dinnerware options for a commercial foodservice business, the replacement rate is a crucial factor and cannot be overlooked. Let's review the suggested replacement rates for both china and melamine dinnerware, and discuss what you can do to maximize the longevity of your tableware.

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Cost of Melamine Dinnerware for a Restaurant: How to Price Guide

Looking to purchase melamine dinnerware for your restaurant and wondering how much it may cost you? This article will explain a few factors you should consider before pricing your new melamine dinnerware, the difference between melamine tiers, their price correlation, and the quantities you should consider purchasing for your par levels.

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10 Creative Ways to Serve Appetizers: Calamari

 When it comes to plating your appetizers, there are numerous ways to achieve a look that will be both delighting to your guests, as well as highlight your offerings. In the past, calamari was an appetizer normally found at upscale seafood restaurants. However, this is no longer the case. From quick casual to fine dining, calamari is a crowd-pleaser. Below you will find several different and creative ways to make this appetizer your own. 

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Average Replacement Cost of Melamine Dinnerware for Restaurants

When it comes to dinnerware, many operators can get caught up in the visual appeal of how plates and bowls look on their table and how they complement their menu items. Now don’t get me wrong, these are key things to consider, but dinnerware replacement costs should also be in that upfront conversation as well (if it’s not already).

In this article, I will discuss the average replacement cost to expect when buying melamine dinnerware for your restaurant, factors that can increase your replacement cost, as well as offer tips that can help extend the life of your melamine dinnerware (which will help lessen your replacement rate and cost).

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Cost of Melamine vs China Dinnerware: Which is More Expensive?

When searching for commercial foodservice dinnerware to buy, the “Cost of Melamine vs. China Dinnerware: Which is More Expensive” question gets asked a lot. Because of the variety of options for both melamine and china dinnerware, this is a tough question to answer. However, let's discuss some general pricing guidelines and realistic price ranges for what operators can expect to spend and things to consider.

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7 Creative Ways to Serve Appetizers: Chips and Salsa

When it comes to plating your appetizers, there are many different ways to achieve stylish eye-catching looks while delighting your guests and highlighting your most popular finger foods. This is true for the house favorite appetizer, chips and salsa. Your options for serving this staple menu appetizer are as plentiful as the different types of salsa available on the market today. From traditional plastic baskets to utilizing other tabletop solutions, we will show you, in the concepts below, how a small change can make a big difference in your presentation.

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Custom Design Decal on Melamine Dinnerware: Benefits and Cost

One of the easiest ways to bring personality or add your brand's messaging to your melamine dinnerware is to apply a custom decal – a thin food safe paper with a graphic which is compressed on top of melamine plates and bowls during the manufacturing process. In this post, I will share some ideas on why you should consider personalizing your melamine dinnerware and give you a perspective on how much this may cost you.

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